10 Lakh cases In Last 100 Hrs

As predicted by many medical experts and researchers, the Covid-19 cases are reporting in unbelievable numbers. As of July 13, the total cases reported all over the world are 1.3 crore but the alarming thing here is, in the next four days, the cases touched 1.4 crore which means in 100 hours, 10 Lakh new cases were filed. These stats are as per international news organization, Reuters.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that on Friday 2,37,743 fresh cases were reported and this is the biggest spike. The USA, Brazil and India take a major share in these total cases. In the USA, Covid-19 cases and deaths are not stopping. 77,000 new cases have been recorded on Thursday in the US and this is a record by any country so far. These single day cases of the US are equal to the total cases of Sweden.

Yet US President Trump is in no mood to shutdown the country as he is hell bent to revive the economy in view of the Presidential Elections later this year.

Brazil is the second worst hit country. The total cases here are at 20 Lakh while 76,000 people have died. The virus did not even spare Brazil’s President.

Meanwhile the European nations have nearly brought the spread of virus in control. Spain and Italy, which posted huge cases in February and March, are steadily reporting average numbers of cases. In Barcelona, officials have imposed restrictions while lockdown is lifted in many countries.

Nevertheless, WHO said many countries are not doing adequate tests and cases are being under reported. The actual figures could be high and the virus will reach its peak in August and September.