US To Supply Vaccine To Entire World: Trump

The entire world is waiting impatiently for a vaccine to fight against Coronavirus as it had killed more than 6.5 lakh people and wreaked economic havoc. At such a time when the world is in the grip of the pandemic, America President Donald Trump has made a sensational comment. He predicted that there is a chance for the entire world to take the Corona vaccine from their country.

He said that they would start supplying the vaccine soon as it comes into availability. This process would be done at a jet speed. Just as ventilators and other medical equipment was supplied to other countries by America, the vaccine will also be disbursed at a faster pace, he said.

Trump and his team seem to have complete confidence in the vaccine being prepared by Moderna and it is being believed that it would come into availability by the beginning of the next year. Moderna had entered the crucial third stage of clinical trials on Monday. As part of it, the vaccine would be administered to 30,000 volunteers. Pfizer has also collaborated with Moderna in the preparation of the vaccine.

If the trials are successful, lakhs of doses would be made available by the time the results are out. Pfizer said that if their trials give positive results, they would start seeking permission by the beginning of October. Pfizer had already obtained permission to provide two doses each to 50 lakh people in America.

According to a Financial Times report, Moderna is likely to price its Coronavirus vaccine at $50-$60 per course. This price would apply to the USA and other high-income countries.

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