Violence! Violence! Violence @ WhatsApp Groups

Whether it is the torching of train coaches other day at Secunderabad Railway Station or destroying property en masse at Amalapuram recently, what played a significant job is none other than the messaging app ‘WhatsApp’. Almost all the protestors have created their violent plans via WhatsApp Groups only.

Coming to Sec’bad violence, it’s being heard that WhatsApp groups like Hakimpet Army Soldiers, Secunderabad Railway Station Blocks, and 17/6 were created to circulate audio messages to the youth to join the protest at railway stations. And right now audio messages of these groups are coming out where youths are asking others to bring petrol and burn down the coaches such that their protests will be heard loud and clear.

Even during the Amalapuram protests, Police revealed that nearly 20 WhatsApp Groups were created by the protestors to plan the mob and organize plans to destroy the properties of the government.

Definitely, WhatsApp is playing a key role in spreading the hate these days unlike Facebook and Twitter where the open spreading of violence will be immediately seen by others and leads to immediate termination of accounts. WhatsApp is a personal app with strong encryption, surely no one other than the members of the group will not be knowing what is actually going inside.

Though police are resorting to internet suspension in the areas of protests, actually they can’t identify and stop these Groups much before the protests do happen. So what’s the cure for this WhatsApp Group disease now? In fact, mindsets have to change and protestors who resort to violence through such groups should be punished severely such that people will not repeat it again.

On the other hand, governments should also come up with proper security and implementation plans before announcing any new policy such that protests could be handled effectively. Also, making foolish decisions always invites strong protests, and these ‘highly talented’ politicians should be aware of that.