Covid-19 Cases Growth In India: East Godavari In Top 10

Since a week or so, AP is reporting huge numbers of new Covid-19 cases. Especially in districts like Kurnool, Vizag and Anantapur, the cases are getting filed in hundreds everyday. But in East Godavari district, the cases are getting reported in unbelievable numbers.

This has made East Godavari to enter the top ten places in India to report maximum cases post July 1st. According to a data, East Godavari has 1015 percent growth in new cases and as of July 26th, the cases count in this district are 13,486.

Kurnool is at tenth position with 466 percent growth and 11,570 cases. This means, AP has two districts in the danger zone.

Meanwhile, Hyderabad is at third place with 35,970 cases. However, the percent of cases growth is 168. Though it is comparatively less than East Godavari and Kurnool, Hyderabad has been reporting cases consistently and many working professionals have left the city.

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