#Covid: India Sees Terrifying Spike In Cases Again

Covid-19 spiraled again in several parts of India and on Tuesday, the nation reported 12,249 new coronavirus infections and 13 deaths. The active cases went up by over 2,300 in a 24-hour span, according to the Union Health Ministry data. On Monday, India recorded 13,216 fresh Covid cases. This means the country began witnessing the terrifying spike of nearly 3k to 4k new cases with each passing day.

As we already know, the viruses always try to mutate and produce new lineages to escape acquired immunity. Though there is no data available about the sub-lineages of Omicron, the immunity conferred by Omicron is lower than that provided by other variants like Delta. Ergo, it has become common in terms of reinfection.

The whole country is back to normalcy and having antibodies does not mean that a person will not get infected. Back then, the possibility of the first, second, and third waves was uncertain. Likewise, the next wave was expected to hit us and theoretically speaking, the time has begun. The mere thought makes shivers go down the spine, considering the suffering humanity has already undergone from three waves.

Meanwhile, the sudden surge in daily Covid-19 cases made the Telangana health department reimpose the face mask and physical distancing rules. “Everybody should wear a mask when he/she leaves the house. Facemasks are the first line of defence against Covid-19,” it said. The daily Covid case count on Tuesday surpassed the 400-mark in the state. The reported Covid cases in Hyderabad district were 240, against 185 on Monday.

Talking about other states in danger, Delhi recorded 1,383 fresh COVID-19 cases with a positivity rate of 7.22 per cent and Maharashtra on Tuesday reported 2347 COVID-19 cases. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu reported 700 plus cases separately and officials assured that there was no need to panic as the number of coronavirus patients getting hospitalised was still on the lower side but asserted that every individual should exercise caution and follow all safety norms.