NO! Covid-19 Vaccine is Not Coming On August 15th

With Govt Of India other day clarifying that we could celebrate Independence Day by following the social distance norms and wearing masks, many started spreading the talk that they are going to launch Covid-19 vaccine that day. However, ICMR officials and Bharat Biotech have confirmed that there is nothing such.

Ever since ICMR and DCGI have given permissions to speed up the clinical trials of Covid-19 vaccine on humans, there is a talk that Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin is all set to get rolled from August 15th. As they have induced the first batch of doses at three clinical sites including that of NIMS in Hyderabad, many thought that Covid-19 vaccine is coming up very soon.

But then, Bharat Biotech has confirmed that it is too early to talk about the public release of the vaccine as they have lots of more tests to perform and the results need to be evaluated. The company’s MD has clarified in an interview that Covaxin could come out only in the early months of 2021 but not anytime soon.

So all the letters and reports that are doing rounds on internet at the moment regarding the arrival of Covaxin on August 15th are just assumptions.

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