Nora Fatehi Trolled For Making Security Guard Hold Her Saree

Nora Fatehi is the hot sensation of Bollywood. She steals the show with her amazing dance moves and equally with her mind-blowing attires. Nora Fatehi is loved by paps but she got heavily trolled for one of those pap videos.

Nora Fatehi faced the heat from trolls online after a security guard picked her saree up when she got out of the car in heavy rain in Mumbai. Nora was heading to her vanity van from the car and during which the security guard picked her long saree up so it won’t get wet in rain water.

Many started trolling her for ‘modern slavery’ and they sympathized with the poor security guard who was all drenched in rain.

One guard was covering her with an umbrella and the other was holding her saree until she reached the vanity van. The video went viral and netizens posted many comments on the sighting some of them read, ‘shame on her using helper as a slave’ and ‘Poor guy is drenched in rain just to carry her dress. are we still living in a primitive era?’