Another Virus Is Born In China!

China has already ruined the whole world by spreading the Covid-19 virus. Just when the future looked scary, about a month ago, we have heard reports of another virus found in China and it is even more dangerous than the Covid-19. But then these reports settled down quickly.

And now reports are coming from China that a new infectious disease caused by a tick-borne virus has killed seven people and infected 60 others in East China’s Jiangsu Province and Anhui province. Doctors of Zhejiang University who have studied the virus, said that the possibility of human-to-human transmission could not be ruled out.

While Virologists believe that the virus can be transmitted between humans. According to China’s state run media, Global Times, a woman who suffered from the virus showed symptoms of fever and cough. She was in hospital for a month and later got discharged.

But it is yet to be known whether this virus is spread rapidly like the Covid-19 did earlier this year.

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