Shooting in Day-Care Centre: 34 killed!

The mass shooting is reaching new places including nations that are known for peace. At a day-care center in Thailand, a former police officer went on a mass shooting before killing himself. In this crime, 34 people were killed including the police man’s wife and child.

There were 22 children among the victims, including children as young as 2 years old, informed the police authorities. This crime was reported around lunchtime on Thursday and the killer first shot at the staff including a teacher who is reportedly eight months pregnant.

When the authorities dug into the details of the ex-policeman, they found out that he was discharged from the police force last year. But the motive behind the shooting spree is yet to be known.

Mass shootings are rare in Thailand which is a major tourist destination. The ownership of gun is also low in Thailand but the latest incident sent jitters to the tourists.