Covid-19 Reinfection: Researchers Says Not To Panic

Earlier this week, Telangana reported two cases of Covid-19 reinfection and it was the Director of Telangana Health Department who acknowledged about the reinfection cases. Immediately there spread panic among the people who have recovered from the virus and there are many concerns too.

Not just in India, such instances were reported in the Netherlands, Germany and a couple of countries. Researchers are studying this case of reinfection of Covid-19 and in their initial study, they said there is nothing to panic. Every individual have different immune system and it is very complex. What consequences led to reinfection should be carefully observed.

Ex-director of Jammu’s Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (IIIM), Ram Vishwakarma too reacted on this and added this can be because of different inherent genetic reasons and the history of the individual cases makes a difference. He indirectly hinted that broader research is needed in such cases.

Meanwhile India has once again reported the highest daily spike of new positive cases. 77,266 cases are reported in the last 24 hours and the total cases is at 33.87 Lakh. 1057 people have died yesterday and the total death count stands at 61,529.

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