Netflix Gives A Big Shock To ‘Password Sharing’ People

Netflix India
Netflix India

Netflix has recently informed its shareholders of its intention to end password sharing in a move aimed at boosting its subscriptions. The company has updated its FAQ page to provide more information on the matter, including details on how it will prevent multiple users from accessing the same account.

According to the statement made on the FAQ page, individuals who do not reside in the same household as the account holder will have to have their own separate accounts to access Netflix’s content.

According to the Netflix FAQ page, if a device outside of the household tries to sign into an account or if the account is persistently accessed from a location outside of the household, the company may require verification of the device before it can be used to watch content on Netflix. This is to ensure that the device has been authorized to access the account.

The FAQ page also clarifies that sharing an account with someone who does not live in the same household will not result in additional charges from Netflix.

Netflix has implemented a verification process for devices that access the account from outside of the household or from a persistent location outside of the household. The company will send a one-time password to the email or phone number associated with the primary account owner for verification.

The secondary account holder must enter the code within 15 minutes. Although account sharing is still possible, Netflix may take action if it detects any suspicious activity. The verification process is primarily for security reasons, but it may also be used by Netflix in the future to monitor account sharing.