Pic Talk: Indira Gandhi’s Era Of Gandhi Family

Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, the tough lady, was quite dedicated to her family. Even though she was the PM, she made sure to meet her family frequently, especially her grandchildren Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi.

Here is a picture of Indira Gandhi with her two sons Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi along with their wives Sonia and Maneka respectively. This picture shows a young Rajiv Gandhi and might not have stepped into politics yet.

In white and white the Gandhi brothers, Rajiv and Sanjay were just looking like ‘Momma’s Boys.’ This is a picture of Indira’s era of Gandhi family.

Current Congress MP Sonia Gandhi was seen next to Indira Gandhi and she opted for a rose coloured saree. Being a mother of two, she has her eyes on the kids in this picture. Maneka Gandhi (Sanjay’s wife) was seen in a floral pattern white sare and she displayed some attitude.