US: Covid-19 Vaccine To Be Ready By Nov 1st

The USA is the worst hit country of the Covid-19 virus. About 1.86 Lakh people died of the virus while over 6.1 million got infected with it. But in the last few days, the new positive cases are trending downwards and amidst these happenings, the US is said to be getting ready to bring out the vaccine.

The national public health institute of the United States, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is likely to come up with the vaccine by November 1st. Regarding the same, the CDC has written to the Trump government and this was forwarded to all the states and its Governors in the US.

The CDC in its letter informed the states to be ready for the distribution and enrollment of the vaccine in-takes and infrastructure arrangements, as early as by October.

However, this move by CDC comes in the wake of US Presidential elections. November 1st is the deadline set by CDC while the elections are scheduled on November 3rd. Political observers see this as a political stunt of the Trump government to win the trust of the people in the wake of opponent Joe Biden’s ever rising popularity.

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