Actress Endorses A Men’s Innerwear Brand, Breaks Taboo

Men’s innerwear so far had some conventional advertisements and most of the brands did not need one actually. But breaking the taboos, a men’s innerwear brand has brought a famous actress to endorse it and it has become a sensation now.

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez is endorsing this men’s innerwear brand. She posted the advertisement on her Instagram page and wrote, ‘#YehNahiTohKuchNahi! Excited to be a part of this historic campaign of Lux Cozi Men’s Innerwear through this clutter-breaking ad!!! What an amazing experience to be directed by Gauri Shinde ❤️❤️ and big thank you to Lux Industries Director, Saket Todi for making me a part of this journey with Lux Cozi! I’m hugely inspired by your vision for your brand!!’

Jacqueline Fernandez called it a ‘clutter-breaking’ ad and it truly is. It has to be seen if more actresses break the taboo and appear in commercials where we don’t expect them. Already many actresses have campaigned for an alcohol brand recently.