Viral Video: Beware Of This ‘Serial Kisser’ In Bihar

A movie star who repeatedly kisses his heroines in all his movies was once called a ‘serial kisser’. But there seems to be one in real, and this serial kisser is kissing women forcibly on roads and fleeing the scene.

In Bihar, a supposed serial kisser seems to be on the prowl as he forcibly kissed a woman health worker in the Jamui district. The video CCTV footage went viral and it was shared thousands of times already on the internet.

In the disturbing video, the man is seen jumping the wall, approaching the woman from the back, grabbing her, and forcibly kissing her before running away from there. The woman was talking on the phone when this happened and she was seen struggling to get rid of him. The woman is a class 4 health worker standing outside Jamui Sadar Hospital.

The victim filed a complaint with Jamui Police and an investigation was launched to find the man for sexual assault. The viral video shocked the netizens and they all urged the authorities to take strict action against the perpetrator and also urged to increase the security for women in Bihar.