Mark Zuckerberg Demands Employee To ‘Please Resign’

A decade-old email from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg surfaced on the internet, for which the subject line is ‘Please Resign’. The Twitter account ‘Internal Tech Emails’ posted this email from Zuckerberg and it already got more than 3 million views.

In 2010, Mark Zuckerberg emailed his staff that starts with ‘Confidential – Do Not Share’ and continued with ‘Lots of you saw the TechCrunch story … claiming that we’re building a mobile phone. We’re not building a phone and I spoke at length … about what we’re actually doing — building ways to make all phones and apps more social.’

Further calling it an ‘act of betrayal’ March Zuckerberg also wrote, ‘So I’m asking whoever leaked this to resign immediately. If you believe that it’s ever appropriate to leak internal information, you should leave. If you don’t resign, we will almost certainly find out who you are anyway. It is frustrating and destructive that anyone here thought is [sic] was okay to say this to anyone outside the company. The fact that the story was inaccurate doesn’t make it any better.’

The email further reads, ‘I’ve had to personally spend a lot of time over the last few days … cleaning up the damage from this mess,” he wrote. “Even now, we’re in a more precarious position with companies in the mobile space who should be our partners because they now think we’re competitors. While pledging to crack down on leaks to the press, Zuckerberg wrote in the next sentence: We are a company that promotes openness and transparency, both in the world at large and here internally at Facebook. But the cost of an open culture is that we all have to protect the confidential information we share internally. If we don’t, we screw over everyone working their asses off to change the world.’

In a recent email to employees earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg said Meta would shed 10,000 jobs over the next few months.