Actress Excited For ‘Life’s First Earthquake’, Trolled Badly

Some social media posts and comments from celebrities get them into controversies, and this is when they consciously take a side. And then there are others who put up posts that don’t just make sense and above that they get schooled for being insensitive. Television actress Divyanka Tripathi got trolled badly for tone-deaf comments.

“Okay this is very exciting, I am experiencing my life’s first earthquake. But you won’t feel it like this. But yahan pe poori gali, mohalla neeche aagye hai, in Chandigarh. And this is exciting, just for now, jab tak zyda nahi hota,” Divyanka said in the Twitter video. She then turns the camera to her husband Vivek Dahiya and says, ‘Isn’t it, honey?’ Divyaka Tripathi is seen laughing during the entire video.

Divyanka’s video got hit by trolls very heavily for her ‘excitement’ during an earthquake and when people ran out onto the roads. Twitter users replied to her calling her comments callous. Other mentioned the lives lost during the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Some others ridiculed her saying, ‘How insensitive and pathetic is she to make such a comment after all the deaths that have taken place in Turkey and Syria that moved the whole world… some ppl are best at playing characters on tv because reality is a stark contrast!!’

Another Twitter user wrote, ‘Celebrities live in a bubble. All nonsense things are exciting for them. Earthquakes are sh*t scary to even think about and she’s excited for it. Slow claps,’.

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