Pic Talk: A Classroom Picture From Iran

The pandemic kept the kids away from attending the school physically, but the online classes are being conducted everywhere. Though the online classes are not much productive than being in-person at school, there is no other option amid the virus spread, across the world.

Few schools in the USA states started in-person classes and asked the students to come over, only to see more cases among children and later shut the schools with a great regret.

Here is a picture of a classroom that is going viral at the moment. This is reportedly a classroom picture from a school in Iran, where the kids got a transparent play tent as their cabin with their bags and water bottles in it.

These self-contained tents look innovative for the kids, so they need not wear masks all day. Though the closed rooms are not safe anytime, their intention to isolate each kid in the same classroom is making this picture go viral.

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