Coronavirus: L-type Strain Is More Aggressive Than S-type

With 27k plus positive coronavirus cases in India, the sharp rise has worried health experts, the government, and the citizens. Also, the death toll has risen to 880 across the nation. When observed, the scientists say that a different type of novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 strain could be the reason behind the high mortality rate, especially in a few regions like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

The Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre stated that the L-type strain of novel coronavirus could be the reason behind the increasing number of deaths in its state. If we recall, long back in March beginning, a study in China revealed that there are two main types of the coronavirus and the experts from Peking University and Institut Pasteur of Shanghai have identified the two viral strains as S and L types.

The L type coronavirus, which is more aggressive, was more prevalent during the early stages of the outbreak and has a higher transmission rate as it replicates faster in humans. These two types of strains have a genetic difference of about 4%. The L-type strain was also found to be more prevalent in places where the mortality rate was very high, like Italy (26,644 deaths), Spain (23,521 deaths) and New York (17,280 deaths).

Therefore, scientists believe that out of its two variants, the L- and the S- strains, the former is more aggressive and has led to a high mortality rate. That means, “L type” is spreading quickly. Now even before the first horrific phase of the COVID-19 pandemic ending, scientists are worried about the second wave of the disease. Before we get a vaccine, it is unfortunate that we may see a second wave.