USA: Selfie Costs Telugu Girl’s Life

Kamala Polavarapu

A Telugu lady has lost her life while attempting to take a selfie in Atlanta of the United States. The victim is identified as 26 year old Polavarapu Kamala and she along with her fiancé were standing at the top of the falls when they both slipped and fell into Bald River Falls.

The bystanders rescued the man while Kamala was untraceable deep in the water. After a long search the rescue teams found Kamala trapped under a log that was caught in a current.

According to her fiancé, Kamala visited her relatives on Sunday and on the return, they stopped at the waterfalls. Kamala hails from Gudlavalleru of Krishna district. She went to the US after her engineering and she was working with a software company.

Family members of Kamala are working on to bring the corpse back to her hometown now.

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