Record No: Of US Visas To Indian Students!

The United States embassy in India has achieved a historic milestone by issuing a record-breaking number of student visas during this summer, surpassing 90,000 in total. This significant increase, distributed over the months of June, July, and August, signifies a burgeoning trend in educational exchange between India and the US.

Last year, India set a record with 125,000 student visas issued, the highest from any single nationality. The surge in student visa issuance this year aligns with projections made by the US Mission earlier in the application season. Presently, over 200,000 Indian students are pursuing their education at American academic institutions, highlighting a growing preference for the US as an education destination.

In a proactive effort to bolster collaboration in the education sector, India and the US have come together to establish the India-US Global Challenges Institute. The institute, operating virtually, will conduct research in emerging areas across partner higher education institutions in both countries. This surge in student visa issuance underscores the enduring appeal of US education among Indian students, reinforcing the strengthening educational ties between the two nations.