IPL Playoffs Confirmed: Can SRH Do It After 8 years?

SunRisers Hyderabad has seen the most favourable result possible as the side finished second on the IPL points table this year. This means that the Hyderabadi side is qualified for the qualifiers which is to be played on the 21st of this month. 

Hyderabad will now have two bites at the IPL final cherry and the fans will be hoping that the team makes the most of the same. 

The last time SRH won the trophy was back in 2016 and after 8 long years, the side has the best chance to make the most of the existing equations and actually win the trophy again after such a long time.

Hyderabad will now face Kolkata on 21 May in Ahmedabad. A win here will take SRH directly into the finals. Even if Hyderabad loses this game, there will be the eliminator 2 against the winner of Rajasthan vs Bengaluru game. 

SRH has put forth its best team in recent years and the conditions are extremely ideal for the team to claim the IPL trophy for the second time. The finale is set to be held on May 26.