Telugu Twitter rallies to serve justice

Anyone who spends enough time on social media, especially Twitter, knows that the platform is full of people with differences. Left wingers hate the right wingers, fans of different heroes keep fighting with each other, there are also people constantly warring with each other on the basis of religion, gender and region.

What are the few things that unite people then? Even when the country was cheering in rallies for Team India after they won the World Cup, an event you think that will unite the entire country, there were a few people who criticized people coming out to celebrate a cricket team but not vote.

But recently, social media, Telugu twitter in particular, rallied in favour of child rights and creating a safer internet. When a YouTuber named Praneeth Hanumantu was found making pedophilic comments in his channel and streams, everybody outraged unanimously against him.

Even stars like Adivi Sesh, Sai Dharam Tej and Manchu Manoj took cognizance of this issue, which later led to the chief minister of Telangana and the police departments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana responding to pleas and promising to take action.

It is heartening to see that despite all our differences, people will unite together, no matter what, to provide a safer environment to children. This incident will serve as an example for deviant elements of the society, who put the safety of children in jeopardy with their harmful remarks. This unsavoury, unfortunate set of events are also a reminder of Spider-Man’s words, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Free speech is a power and a privilege that we all enjoy but it does come with responsibility.

Freedom of speech exists with certain social, moral and cultural consequences. Some consequences are debatable for sure. But the safety of children, on the Internet or elsewhere, is non-negotiable.