Bids Invited For Mumbai-Hyderabad Bullet Train Corridor

Central Government plans for launching eight bullet train projects in the popular cities. The National High-Speed Rail Corridor(NHSRCL) has invited bid consultants for preparing of Detailed Project Report(DPR) for 711-km- long Mumbai-Pune-Hyderbad bullet train corridor.

The NHSRCL chief spokesperson Suman Gaur said that this includes the survey, identification of overhead and overground underground service. Identification of power source for the project substation combining The NHSRCL is in the process of collecting data on these tenders, the deadline for submitting the report is November 17 and tenders to be opened on November 18.

The expansion begins after the NHSRCL invited DPRs for the 459-km-long Delhi-Amritsar-Chandigarh, 865-km-long Delhi-Varanasi, 753-km-long Mumbai-Nagpur, 886-km-long Delhi-Ahmedabad expands as well as the 711-km-long Mumbai-Hyderabad bullet train corridor.

The NHSRCL is gathering the data on these new advanced corridors for the formation of the DPRs. It is presently constructing the 508 km Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail project, commonly known as the Bullet Train Project.

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