Trump Accuses Pfizer Of Deliberate Wait Until Election Day

Pfizer yesterday announced that their vaccine trials emerged positive and the vaccine from them would be more than 90 percent effective. Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr now accuse Pfizer of deliberate wait until election day to release its Covid-19 vaccine trial results. And, there is no evidence in this with Donald Trump.

In yet another baseless allegations, Donald Trump said Pfizer intentionally waited until the election day and results to claim their vaccine proficiency and he also accused Democrat and FDA that they did not want him to get a vaccine WIN, prior to the election.

Even the son of Donald Trump, Trump jr accused Pfizer’s revelation of Covid-19 vaccine trails post the elections is wicked. He called the late-stage trials results in release timing as ‘nefarious’. Donald Trump added that Pfizer did not have the courage to issue the statement earlier, while Pfizer’s spokesperson reportedly denied the accusations saying the timing has nothing to do with the election.

Donald Trump earlier claimed the vaccine would be ready by election day. Trump tweets that if Joe Biden had been in the White House, the vaccine would not have been ready for another four years, nor would the US Food and Drug Administration have ever approved it so quickly.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, when asked about the post-election timing to announce the results of vaccine trials, said they released it ‘when the science told us the data was available.’

To everyone’s surprise, Donald Trump’s tweet yesterday about Pfizer’s announcement was praise for positive results in trials.

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