Viral Video : Auto-Driver Helps Sachin Tendulkar

No doubt, technology comes in handy. But it can’t replace the one-to-one help among humans. This is once again proved in the case of Celeb and Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar when the master blaster had lost his way in the suburban roads of Mumbai. That’s when an auto driver had helped Sachin Tendulkar and guided him. Although the incident took place way back in January, Sachin has shared the video only yesterday on his social media platform.  Naming autodriver Mangesh, Sachin thanked him. The video has gone viral as soon as Sachin shared it.  

Sachin was driving around Kandivali in Mumbai. And he lost his way. That’s when he met the auto driver who had shown him the way. The autowala had asked Sachin to follow him. That’s when even navigation apps couldn’t figure out the route. Sachin was seen speaking in Marathi with the autowala. He shared the video on his mobile app 100 MB.

Sachin wrote, “A throwback worth revisiting 🙂 In January earlier this year, I was driving around Kandivali, Mumbai when I realised I’d lost my way. Even navigation apps that we rely on so much these days, seemed clueless leaving me in a fix.That’s when this gentleman, Mr. Mangesh, an auto-rickshaw driver came forward to help us out! He asked us to follow his auto-rickshaw and went out of his way traveling a couple of kilometres just to show us the alternate route. I look back and really appreciate Mangesh’s kindness and timely help. While technology has helped us navigate these tough times, the power of human connection and kindness is irreplaceable. Hope we get back to the normal days through our collective efforts soon!”

Later, auto-driver Mangesh got down and took selfie with Sachin.

Watch Here:

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