US: Joe Biden Received His First Covid-19 Vaccine

US president-elect Joe Biden received his first Covid-19 vaccine on Monday. The President-elect received his vaccine at Christina Care Hospital in Newark. He wore two overlapping masks during his appointment for the vaccine. Joe Biden gave a fist-bump to his nurse practitioner after getting vaccinated.

Biden said the Trump Administration needs to be applauded and deserves some credit for Operation Warp Speed in developing the vaccines successfully.

The President-elect received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine first dose and he needs to get the second dose in 21 days. Also, the second vaccine also got approved last week, made by Moderna. incoming first lady Jill Biden accompanied Joe Biden. Joe Biden revealed that Jill already received her first dose and they both are looking forward to receiving the second dose.

Biden asked people to avoid traveling for Christmas due to the big spike in Covid-19 cases. Biden will be taking the office on January 20 as the oldest-ever incoming president.

As many as 18 million Americans tested positive for Coronavirus so far and more than 318,000 US residents were killed due to the virus.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff won’t be getting their first doses until next week. Dr. Anthony Fauci will get his first shot on Tuesday.

Donald Trump will wait to receive the vaccine, as he was hospitalized four days in October for Covid-19 treatment and also for the experimental polyclonal antibodies. Those who were treated in this way can’t be vaccinated for 90 days after the treatment, according to the CDC.