Covid-19 Deaths: Britain Beats Italy Now

One of the worst ever hit countries by Covid-19 pandemic in the world is not China, as Itlay has taken that position long ago. As the virus left unchecked even after multiple warnings from WHO and other health agencies. Italy has paid a hefty price as the country posted 29,315 deaths in a short period of time. While the USA has crossed that figure couple of weeks, here comes the latest shocker.

Though lockdown is implemented a long time ago, the United Kingdom has failed to impose strict restrictions such that its citizens will not come out of their homes. This led to quite a panicky situation as the UK now crossed Italy in terms of deaths with official figures standing at 29,427 victims. Some experts say that actually data from ground level is indicating that Britain has almost 40,000 deaths.

Now, Britain is the worst-hit nation in Europe with 693 deaths registered on May 5th alone. Like India, even UK is not considering to lift the lockdown any sooner as epidemiologists already predicted that lifting of restrictions will now create more unwanted trouble as Covid-19 might spin in any direction.

Meanwhile in India, the number of Covid-19 positive cases is inching close to 50K, while more than 1600+ people lost their lives already, and 14K+ recovered from the infection.

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