12 Different Types Of Coronavirus Circulating In Single Country

While India is yet to do genome level research on the coronavirus that has affected 40+ thousand Indians already, both USA and United Kingdom’s scientists are busy doing research on the strains of coronavirus, collected through swabs of patients.

And they have made a startling revelation other day about the mutations of Covid-19 virus that is doing rounds in their country. After analysing 260 infected patients, genetic scientists of the UK have found out that nearly 12 different types of mutations of Covid-19 are doing rounds in their country.

The most shocking aspect is that one of those strains is found nowhere around the world and is quite exclusive only to the UK, meaning that it is a homegrown Covid-19 virus.

Most of these strains are said to be imported from Italy and Spain (back in March) when the Covid-19 pandemic is on a high there. On the other hand, the researchers neither revealed which strain of the virus is unique to Britain and which are imported from other countries.

But scientists and health experts are fearing that the vaccines that are currently under development may not work in favour of all these strains of coronavirus that is wreaking havoc on Britain right now.

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