Meet The First Vaccine Takers From Telugu States

India has rolled out the covid-19 vaccine drive and it is the biggest in the world. The drive is continuing across all the states and as per the Centre’s instructions, the frontline warriors and health workers are given high priority.

In Andhra Pradesh, health department sweeper Pushpa Kumari received the first shot. A vaccine spot in Vijayawada was arranged and health department workers are called for the vaccine. Pushpa’s turn came first and she was given the vaccine by the officer.

Coming to Telangana, Gandhi hospital which is the prime vaccine hospital in the state is converted into a vaccine drive spot. Sanitation worker from the same hospital, Kishtamma got the first vaccine in the state.

It’s 0.5 ml vaccine and people who took the first shot, must and should take the second vaccine too. The companies are working on the second shot and the Centre will take a call on the second vaccine drive.

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