Manchu Lakshmi enjoys Upasana’s avakaya

Upasana Konidela recently took to her Instagram account to share that she has tried making avakaya for the first time with the authentic and ancient recipe from Domakonda. And the comments were over flown with celebrities asking her for a share from it. Also, Lakshmi Manchu replied saying that she is sending an empty box and that she wants the avakaya filled in it.

Right the next day, Lakshmi took to her Instagram stories that she has tasted the avakaya and it is super delicious. So this means that Upasana has succeeded right in her fry ever attempt in making the most popular and loveable pickle. She had even shared the recipe on her YouTube channel.

Also, we have heard that this pickle has gone to a few more houses of popular celebrities, and we have a hunch that even Jr NTR also would have got is share to taste an enjoy.

A fact that has to be accepted is that lockdown has given some relief to many celebrities who have been deprived of some quality time with family, and also to do something that have been waiting to.

Even Niharika Konidela has recently shared a video of herself indulged in the making of avakaya.

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