The Most Beautiful Face & The Hate She Received

A nineteen-year-old model from Israel topped a ‘100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year 2020’ list. She is Yael Shelbia. TC Candler’s list of 100 Most beautiful Faces has Yael Shelbia on the top and she is a real arresting beauty.

The competition of ‘beautiful faces’ has gone viral in the last few years, especially after a six-year-old model Thylane Blondeau won it.

Yael Shelbia received a large number of congratulatory messages on her social media after her win, but she admits there are other messages that were not really complimenting. Ms. Shelbia too received the hate and trolling like any other popular and ‘beautiful’ face. She says, “They said the normal things that haters say, nothing worth any attention.”

Yael Shelbia in her Instagram post thanked all who voted for her and helped her to top the 100 most beautiful faces. Her post too garnered huge compliments and needless to say, there are others who tried to troll her with #UglyQueen.

Shelbia says she did not know that she was participating in the contest and the win was a surprise for her. Shelbia has already modeled for Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty and also Kyle Jenner’s skincare range.

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