Plasma therapy to begin in Telangana tomorrow!

Even though no treatment has showed a promise against novel Coronavirus in the world, several nations and few states in India have begun using ‘convalescent plasma therapy’ to treat COVID-19 patients.

The trails of this treatment didn’t hold a great promise to treat the deadly virus, but this option is highly considered to treat the critically-ill patients and senior citizens who are on ventilators or ICU. Following several states like Delhi, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra & Madya Pradesh, Telangana health department also decided to to kickstart plasma therapy starting this Monday, i.e 11 May.

Government of Telangana is making all arrangements for the therapy as 15 people who recovered from COVID-19 have come forward to donate their blood.
Interestingly, all of them are foreigners and in the past, around 200 people who got discharged gave their nod for plasma therapy.

The first installment of sample collection from 15 recovered people will be conducted tomorrow at Gandhi Hospital. Around 400 ml of blood will be collected from each person and this therapy will be performed as per ICMR guidelines.

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