Never Wear A Mask During Workouts

The pandemic has made wearing face masks compulsory for our own wellbeing and they have, in fact, become like a part of our clothes. Masks are uncomfortable, making us little uneasy to breathe but to keep ourselves safe from the novel virus, it is the best and foremost thing.

Similarly, a 26-year-old man in Wuhan wore a mask and went jogging as a part of his fitness regime. Unfortunately, he ended up with chest pain and the reason is, he worked out with a mask on which made him difficult to breathe during jogging.

The man thought to make lockdown more constructive by getting fitter and hence went to workout outdoors intead of staying at home safely. Since wearing a mask is mandatory in outdoors, he decided to jog with a mask on. Initially, the man said to have become uneasy with symptoms of getting difficulty in breathing. However, he ignored them and continued jogging for nearly 6km. He also said to have run 4km before heading home.

Sooner, the man developed chest pain and after seeing a doctor, learned that he had a collapsed lung as a result of his intense workout while wearing a face mask. One of the famous doctors in Wuhan, Dr Chen Baojunsaid that the face mask pressured the man’s lungs to work harder due to improper oxygen flow. His lung reportedly “edged his heart towards the right side of his chest”. The good news is, the man is now in stable condition and is recovering in the hospital after his surgery.

Wearing a mask is good and safe. But never wear a mask during workouts. Moreover, the pandemic’s this case, in particular, has made us realize that indoors exercises are the best in these difficult times than anything else.

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