Trump Felicitates 10-year-old Telugu Girl

The 10-year-old Telugu girl, Sravya Annappareddy has been honoured by US President Donald Trump for spreading some love and goodwill in thee difficult times of pandemic. Sravya is an Indian-American girl, who donated cookies and personalized greeting cards to nurses, health care workers and firefighters in the US.

The fourth-grade student, Sravya is also a Girl Scouts Troop member, who studies at the Hanover Hills Elementary School in Maryland. On Friday, both Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump paid tribute to several American heroes who are generous to help the front lines of the coronavirus crisis, including Girl Scouts from Maryland who donated cookies to nurses and firefighters.

Along with Sravya, two other 10-year-old Girl Scouts, Laila Khan and Lauren Matney, were honoured by Trump for their help. All three girls have donated 100 boxes of cookies and 200 personalized cards to local doctors, firefighters, and nurses. Sravya hails from Andhra Pradesh. Her gesture towards frontliners indeed made Indians proud.

“The men and women we honour today remind us that the bonds that unite us in times of hardship can also raise us to new heights as we reopen and recover and rebuild,” the president said in a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. Among many affected countries, the US is the worst affected with 89,562 deaths and over 1.4 million infections to date.