Covid-19: Australia Declares India as ‘No Go Zone’

After the United States of America declared India as a high-risk country to travel to due to the huge surge in Covid-19 cases, now Australia declared India as a ‘No go, Zone’.

Australia has sped the vaccination program and the people over 50s would be vaccinated from next month. Amid the record number of cases and hospitalizations being registered in India’s Covid-19 second wave, the Australian government is shutting down travel to and from India.

While the number of flights from India will be reduced later this week, it will be harder for people to be granted exemptions to travel to India.

Calling India a high-risk country, the Australian authorities also have taken into consideration the oxygen blast that killed 22 people in Maharashtra and also the cases like Covid patients sharing beds in a government hospital.

India has reported over 312,000 new covid cases today while the active cases are above 2,291,430 with death over 185,000 so far. The death recorded just on April 22 (today) were more than 2100.

Australia’s one-third of Covid cases originate from people traveling from India. Though Australia is against distinguishing a country based on Covid cases, the surge in their own country due to flights from India is leaving them no option.

Also the reported issues and dilemma over the AstraZeneca vaccine, the Australian government is planning to administer Pfizer for the eligible from next month.

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