Flights Cancelled; Chaos At Airports

The flight operations have resumed this morning after two months of lockdown restrictions. Initially the Centre has permitted the domestic services to commence and for this bookings were opened about a few days back.

People who got stuck at different places across the country due to lockdown, have booked tickets to reach their destination. From Hyderabad many stranded people booked their tickets to their respective places. They were relieved and prepared that finally they are going to their places after 60 days.

But the main twist came when the travelers reached airport. Many airlines have shocked the travelers by cancelling the flights and this has resulted in a chaos situation at Hyderabad airport. From the preliminary reports, about 100 flights were scheduled from Hyderabad on Monday but only 30 flights services have operated.

About 70 flights were cancelled without any pre-information to the travelers who have booked the tickets. As travelers had no clue about the cancellation, they waited for hours at the airport and finally when they received the information, they staged a protest against the airlines at airport.

This scene was not just spotted at Hyderabad airport but across many airports in the country. In the national capital, New Delhi nearly 80 flights services have been cancelled in the last minute.

Because the guidelines issued by Union Aviation ministry, the travelers are being screened thoroughly at airport. This is taking hours and so long queues are seen inside the airports resulting in running out of time.

Travelers are deeply upset for the fact they had pinned huge hopes of going to their places but airports have lacked a clear action plan to screen them.

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