US: Is It Too Early To Lift Indoor Mask Restrictions?

The CDC’s latest guidelines on mask mandate and lifting restrictions shocked many Americans. Yes, like many health experts, many of the citizens are worried about the new guidelines. The CDC says that fully vaccinated people can go without masks indoors and outdoors. Is it too early to lift mask restrictions?

Health experts feel the same. When the officials were not sure how the virus spreads during the early last year, public health experts warned people against wearing the masks and later advocated mask-wearing.

The latest announcement that says fully vaccinated can go without wearing any masks indoor and outdoor with some exceptions like public transport etc. While the Covid cases are still coming up and so are the deaths, easing up the restrictions all of a sudden is making many people worry.

Though CDC guidelines on masks may encourage people to go get vaccinated and shed the mask off, there are chances that a fully vaccinated can also be infected by the Covid-19. The new variants are coming up in many countries like India and ‘what if’ a mutation that comes up like this becomes immune to the vaccine in the US?

Already, Walmart, Costco, and many others announced they no longer require vaccinated customers to wear masks in store. Many public health experts are startled to see the lifting of indoor mask restriction, as they know how effective the mask-wearing indoors could work against the virus spread.

While there are citizens who loved the new guideline are no longer wearing the mask, there are the majority of people wearing masks who feel that this is not over, yet.

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