Vaccination Promotions: A Beer To A Million Dollar In Lottery

It is usually the election campaigns that promise the unexpected to the public, but the situations have become different from the last two years and priorities changed. The US government is promoting the vaccinations so rigorously that the country is offering huge perks and gifts for the vaccinated, and they include a beer to a million-dollar lottery prize.

The vaccination promotion offers to differ from state to state in the US. While some states offer beer and wine for the vaccinated people in May, some other states offer free entry passes to the vaccinated people in museums and parks. Some states like Ohio even started offering five of each 1 million lottery prizes.

The cash prize gifts coupons include 25$ to 5 million dollars Some states are also offering a free metro train ride for seven days, Superbowl tickets for the next year.

The USA was one of the most affected countries in the world due to Covid-19. The country registered the highest number of cases but it recovered to become the fastest to arrange and administer the vaccines. The vaccination process slowed down from the last few weeks and the government started promoting the vaccinations.

More than 12 crore people in the country from the 33 crore population got fully vaccinated. More than 16 crore people got vaccinated with the first dose.

More offers for to-be vaccinated and fully vaccinated…

Biden administration made a tie-up with Uber and Lyft transport services, which provides a free ride to the people who are going to get vaccinated.

Some Philadelphia companies are offering their employees up to 200$ as a gift for the fully vaccinated.

Many Chicago citizens are getting free passes for summer music concerts if fully vaccinated.

Connecticut restaurants are offering free drinks with food purchases for the fully vaccinated.

New Jersey citizens will be able to avail their free beer offer if vaccinated.

West Virginia governor is discussing with the financial government to provide 100$ bonds for fully vaccinated.

New York is offering million-dollar lottery tickets to the citizens who are fully vaccinated. Ohio State is offering 1 million dollars each to five winners in a lottery exclusive for the fully vaccinated people.

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