204 Pregnant Women Tested Positive For COVID19 In Chennai

India is currently observing a drastic spike in coronavirus cases and one among those mostly affected state is Tamil Nadu. With 17K plus cases reported in the state, the latest we hear is, 204 pregnant women, have tested positive for the virus in Chennai among a total of 11k in the city.

The reports suggest that out of 204 positive pregnant women cases, 100 are in Egmore government hospital, 45 in Royapuram RSRM hospital, 30 in Kilpauk government hospital and 29 in Kasthurbai Gandhi hospital in Thiruvallikeni.This novel virus has also left health experts into a dilemma if it would affect newborn and if does, in what terms. Due to the unprecedented situation, the lack of research left unborn babies at risk. However, 9 pregnant women with COVID19 had no effects on their born babies.

This is because, the virus was not present in amniotic fluid, which is like a protective sac for the baby. And the good news is the virus is not spreading from breast milk as well, keeping babies uncontracted. In two cases, the newborn babies born to covid19 mothers showed elevated antibodies, but no virus symptoms.

But, with the good news comes the bad news. Unfortunately, 33 pregnant women in one study showed that three of their newborns infected with the virus. But, it is yet to learn if babies are infected inside the womb or after birth as the tests have been conducted after a few days of birth. Therefore, experts have not ruled out the vertical transmission, which means, virus transmission from mother to baby yet.