What Is the Efficacy Period of Covid Vaccines in India?

Since the past couple of weeks the government of India has ramped up the vaccination process all across the country. With the production of recommended vaccines like Covishield and Covaxin meeting the demand, India is administering not less than 30 lakh doses of vaccines per day, which is an encouraging sign.

As stated by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, the executive chairperson of Biocon Limited, an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients manufacturer, there is enough data to confirm that 2-shot vaccines are more effective than that of single dose vaccines.

“Data suggests that it is better to give two different vaccine shots. The efficacy period of most vaccines is at least 1 year, if not more. With more intricate studies and research we can further ramp up the vaccination drive,” she says.

Speaking about the approval of Moderna Covid vaccine for emergency use in India, Kiran says, “Moderna Covid vaccines don’t need to be manufactured in India but they can be imported from the United States. Even Pfizer vaccine should soon be approached by the Indian medical council.”

Going by these comments, it appears to be that most Covid vaccines that are currently being administered in India are durable for at least an year or so.