Viral Video: Selfie Traps Two Girls In Floods

We have seen heights of stupidity wherein people risking their lives just for a selfie. Despite many such incidents, people are still doing the same mistake and there is a no change in their attitude.

In a fresh episode, two college going girls made a daring attempt when they had been to picnic in spite of the Covid-19 restrictions. Going into details, this incident is reported in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh.

The girls ventured in the middle of the Pench river to take a picture and this is when the flow in the river kept increasing. All of a sudden, the girls were in the verge of a huge trap. However, the girls received timely help and were rescued.

The visuals of the girls in the middle intensified river have gone viral and many are blasting their girls for being insensitive towards such dangers.

It’s high time, the government comes up with tight rules regarding pictures especially at such touring spots.