Salute! The Heroes Of Hyd Traffic Police

The coronavirus pandemic this year has left Indians and the whole world with irreparable human tragedy. To avoid the spread of the novel virus, the Indian government imposed a heavy lockdown across the whole nation ever since March 22. The motto ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ has been religiously followed by all of us in order to keep us protected from the corona.

However, frontliners like doctors, police, sanitary workers, health care department are the ones who are putting their lives at risks for us and work 24/7 to safeguard the citizens. Talking about Hyderabad police, these unsung heroes have been putting sedulous efforts since March 22 to keep our state borders safe. Their families, just like us need them the most in this difficult times. But, Hyderabad traffic police have set their priorities and strived hard to bring awareness among the public on COVID19.

They are nothing but superheroes in this pandemic. A few traffic cops have even gone innovative by hitting the streets wearing a newly-devised red, spiky accessory called the ‘coronahelmet’. Also, traffic police enforced stringent surveillance and seized more than 4000 cars in the lockdown who violated rules. And, very recently, Hyderabad police have released nearly 34,000 two-wheelers which were seized since March 23.

We are proud to have heroes like Hyderabad traffic police and they have stood as a role model to many for their unflinching devotion to the duty. Taking care of such a large number of vehicles had also become a big headache for the police. But their ethos of hard work by holding placards and requesting the public to stay indoors in various ways even in the scorching sun is worth-saluting. We thank Hyd Traffic cops from the bottom of our hearts’.

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