COVID-19: China Stuns World By Sending Help Teams

The first news of the novel and dangerous Coronavirus has come out from Wuhan, China where the authorities downplayed it for a month. But later, the outbreak turned into pandemic affecting more than a lakh people and killing thousands. However, implementing safety measures and strict instructions, China has started to contain the virus the number of new cases started coming down.

Despite the fact that China is the most affected, it looks like they have found ways to contain the virus by using masks, cleaning hands regularly and using certain medicines. And now, the dragon country is busy sending help teams ot other countries including the most affected Italy, Iran and South Korean. Other day, Chine has donated almost half-million face masks to Italy during this crisis as a plane took off from Shanghai other day to land at Belgium, enroute Italy.

Reports have that 20 Chinese medical teams along with tonnes of medical supplies have reached Italy and started helping the European nation to contain the epidemic. That’s pretty great of China we must say when it comes to helping other nations in this crisis hour.