How Are Those MMS Clips Leaked?

July 10th, 2013, 04:00 PM IST

A man and a woman in their mid twenties start kissing, caressing and indulge other 'adult' acts, neither in their bedroom nor in a corner of a theatre, but in the very heart of a MMS Metro Rail of Delhi city. And yes, this video shot through the CC Cameras inside compartment is a hot cake now.

One search on internet with the tag 'Delhi Metro MMS' will take you immediately to a eight minute long MMS clip located on some international porn sites. But what is to be noted here is how come a footage recorded on CC TV for security reasons has made it to internet centres now? Even the Delhi Metro Management has taken this thing seriously and is conducting a probe to find out how the clip has actually got out. CISF who generally look after security at MMTS stations blamed Metro Rail authorities for the leakage. They claim that it is Metro Rail persons who operate all those video systems. Anyway, this is truly a breach of security, but before that another question rises it way.

Is a lonely Rail compartment place to get intimate and have some other pleasures? Definitely not and our youths should take a note of this.

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