Kamal Wows With Sri Sri Poem in Bigg Boss!

A viral video of India’s acting legend Kamal Haasan reciting the Jagannadha Radha Chakral from iconic Telugu poet Sri Sri’s Maha Prasthanam has been enthralling fans since last night. Kamal eloquently recited the famous Telugu poem in his trademark baritone voice in Bigg Boss Tamil’s Sunday episode.

The short video clip shows Kamal telling the Bigg Boss housemates the beauty of Telugu language and how the legendary yesteryear Tamil poet Bharathiyar hailed Telugu as ‘Sundara Tenungu (beautiful Telugu)’ before reciting the poem.

Kamal first recited Sri Sri’s poetry in his landmark 1981 film by K Balachander, Aakali Rajyam. As a hot-headed youngster in the movie, Kamal recites ‘Poni Poni Pothe Poni’ from Maha Prasthanam in a confrontational scene with his father. He also recited other poems of Sri Sri in the film at various occasions.

While Kamal’s penchant for Telugu needs no introduction, what’s leaving everyone surprised is how he still remembers Sri Sri’s poetry after all these years. Well, talk about absolute brilliance!