This Is Just Interval: Minister Peddireddy On 3 Capitals Bill

Amidst the reports of withdrawal of 3 Capitals Bill by AP state government, Panchayati Raj & Rural Development minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, who plays a crucial role in CM Jagan’s administration, has made interesting comments. Responding on the significant development, minister Peddireddy commented, “This is just an interval.” He added that there is still longtime for the ‘End Card’.

Minister Peddireddy said that the move to withdraw the 3 Capitals Bill is only to make some technical changes and necessary corrections. “I’m still committed to the 3 Capitals Bill which is Decentralisation and Development of All Regions Bill. Only to make some technical corrections, we mentioned the same in the High Court affidavit. This is no way the victory of the Amaravati farmers.”

Meanwhile, Peddireddy made some ‘insulting’ comments on protesting Amaravati farmers. “Those who are protesting are not farmers. They are just paid artistes. It is the Padayatra of the paid artistes. We have not withdrawn the bill considering the Padayatra of farmers.” He asked, “Is it real that lakhs of people are participating in Padayatra?”