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21 Sep, 2017, 05:57 AM IST
Jai Lava Kusa Tweet Review

After huge success of Janatha Garage, NTR teamed up with Sardaar Gabbar singh director Bobby for Jai Lava Kusa, Considering Sardaar disastrous performance at box office, there were doubts on  Bobby direction, but NTR triple role and particularly Jai in it ripped those doubts apart with glimpses in trailers.

Heroines Nivetha Thomas and Raashi Khanna filled the glamour part. Except one, Jai Lava Kusa songs were not impressive though they are from DSP. The movie is hitting screens today and Kalyan Ram is producing the film in NTR arts banner. Here starts the tweet review from US premieres..

06:03 AM

Jai Lava Kusa Censor: U/A - Run Time: Hrs 2:23

06:04 AM

Story begins with drama

06:05 AM

Impressive introduction of jai, lava and kusa and their differences

Jai becomes raavan

06:07 AM

No jai entry so far, but kusa enters with dochesta song

No jai entry so far, but kusa enters with dochesta song

06:15 AM

Comedy and fight scene in Pub

Dialogue.. kottesyadam tho paatu kottadam kuda vachu ra

Super funny scene... best comedy generated from modi speech

06:16 AM

Bank manager lava, manchivadu!

Lava entry with car accident

06:21 AM

Hamsa nandiini as VA Rajini, bank staff call her virjini

06:22 AM

Raashi Khanna as Priya

06:23 AM

Ntr excels in lava and kusa with variation

Lava-Kusa Re-Uniting Scene Is Good

06:23 AM

Pelli choopulu scene, Nanditha mass dance generates fun

06:29 AM

Kusa and lava swap their places

Kusa entertaining scenes in bank

06:33 AM

Priyadarashi and lava scenes are good

Priyadarshi steals the show for a while

06:34 AM

Kusa enthralls in every frame, literally dominates every actor in frame

06:38 AM

5000 rupee note comedy superb

06:41 AM

Tring tring song

Reminds a little of apple beauty from Janatha Garage

06:48 AM

Sai kumar enters as police officer

Watch Movie and find out why he is following Jai

06:54 AM

Lava and kusa realize important fact..

bgm gives goosebumps..


06:58 AM

JAI enters as raavan

Raavana song in the fight at raavan statue

06:59 AM

Aa raavanunni sampaalante samudram daataala... ee raavanunni sampalabte sanudram antati dhairyam und

07:00 AM

---- Interval -----

07:05 AM

Raavan story takes over, Bharampur backdrop

07:09 AM

Nivetha thomas as punjabi girl

07:15 AM

Story going on serious tone

07:20 AM

NTR stutters with ease, pretty neat as ruthless gangster

07:26 AM

Jai Lava and Kusa in one frame

07:27 AM

Bobby wrote interesting dialogues.. pun, fun and rhyming too

07:40 AM

Kallalona katuka song

Kallalona katuka between Jai and Nivetha - A Sweet surprise in this song

07:47 AM

Intense scenes between Jai, Lava and Kusa

07:50 AM

Its Time for Swing Zara item song

Filled with Tamanna belly dance + mass moves

07:54 AM

Lava and kusa bring back the drama scene

Ghattam edaina patra edaiana .. nenu re r r eady

07:57 AM

Tarak cant be beaten in dialogues and emotion scenes, drama episode proves it

08:10 AM

Huge twist revealed.. this time for jai!

08:10 AM

Jai enters climax scene.. goosebumps guaranteed!!

08:23 AM

Climax: Unexpected ending

Chavaina bratukaina.. premaina pagaina gurtimpu... naake

08:23 AM

---- The End ----