I Felt Victimised: Manjula Ghattamaneni

Depression has no boundaries or requirements. You can be successful and be depressed. You can be the most beautiful and depressed. You can be rich and depressed. Ergo, you may have everything one would dream of and still be depressed.

We know many celebrities who have or had depressions and everyone handled it in different ways. While a few stars have vividly opened up on their mental issues, some have remained silent. After all, depression has always been stigmatized.

But, Manjula Ghattamaneni, who is a known face to us Telugities, spoke about her depression which she faced in her young age.

Superstar Mahesh Babu’s sister, Manjula launched her own YouTube channel and she shared the first video talking about her journey and ups and downs. She said that she fulfilled the dreams using the power of meditation.

“I had a dream of becoming an actor. Fans of my dad, Krishna, didn’t want me to act in films as they couldn’t accept me romancing other heroes on screen. Not just the fans but also my own family members, relatives, and society. No one was ready to accept my dreams. I felt victimised,” she quoted.

Manjula revealed, “I have dedicated more than 30 years of my life to personal development and 20 years to practise meditation. It made me strong, both mentally and physically. With all the information I have gathered on my journey of self-discovery, I am here to help out my fans as a guide and mentor.”

We all have dreams and they are extremely important as they keep us looking forward to something that we want. But, in spite of doing everything to achieve it, you still fell flat, Manjula’s words are so precisely true that one must think something’s better waiting in life. After all that exhaustion, meditation is probably a perfect way to tackle the situation. Kudos to her inner strength.

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