A Complete Wash Out On Day 2

“Family Star” has had a lackluster start, and there’s no denying it. Day-one collections were below par, with minimal occupancy, mainly during night shows in Hyderabad. Shockingly, this trend persisted on day two.

Adding to the disappointment, “Family Star” only managed to gross 80 lakhs in Nizam on its second day, while “Tillu Square” pulled in 90 lakhs on its ninth day in the same region. This stark comparison highlights the film’s poor performance in Telangana, granting “Tillu Square” an advantage at the box office with increased weekend occupancy.

As the week begins, prospects look bleaker for the Vijay Deverakonda starrer. Producer Dil Raju is striving to maintain visibility, even taking on a role as a TV reporter to gather audience feedback at a local Hyderabad theater. However, these efforts have failed to salvage “Family Star.”

The film’s outdated narration by Parasuram, despite featuring stars like Vijay Deverakonda and Mrunal Thakur, has led to its rejection by audiences. Fans express disappointment over Deverakonda’s decision to accept such a dated storyline.

The failure of “Family Star” has significantly impacted Vijay Deverakonda’s market standing. His quest for a major hit continues, with all hopes pinned on his upcoming cop drama directed by Gautam Tinnanuri.